by Staff Reporter
BUNYOLA, Calvia and Andratx are the three wealthiest municipalities in Majorca, according to the annual report on the economy published by La Caixa.
The news came as a surprise to Mayor of Bunyola Maria Capó who said yesterday “The town is not rich, but it is true that there are some residents who have a lot of money.” The Mayor said that Bunyola has several large estates which are of great value, “but this wealth is not reflected in the town council coffers.” Capó recalled that in the past, thanks to the income generated by the coal obtained from Sa Comuna, the Bunyola town council made a lot of money and this had its repercussions in a wealth which was shared out in the town. “The coal was delivered all over the island,” she said.

The situation today is very different, and at the moment, Sa Comuna not only does not provide any income, it costs a lot to maintain as it is council owned.

Another of the questions which was important for the Mayor was that Bunyola is on the train line. Thanks to this means of transport, various industries, which no longer exist, came to the town. “The train meant a great step forward for the town,” she said.
The Mayor now puts her faith in the new industrial estate which will be built in the municipality and hopes it will attract a lot of industry, and create a lot of jobs.

Mayor Capó said that Bunyola has become a dormitory town but has the advantage of being very close to Palma, and with good communications.
Capó pointed out that at the moment, housing is very expensive.
In fact, she claimed, the price per square metre “is double that in Santa Maria.” She said that “the majority of residents are not rich, they are working class.”