First salty symptoms

THE municipal water supply wells of Gotmar, Can Segui and Can Comas were showing the first signs of salinization last week. However, environment councillor, Joan Comas ventured that recent rains may have aided their recovery. After having passed the peak of the tourist season in August without traces of salt in the drinking water in the Port of Pollensa, residents of the Moll area began to complain about a week ago about the poor quality of the drinking water in specific areas of the municipality. Comas confirmed at the beginning of this week that “there had been a problem in the Siller district which receives its water supply direct from the Gotmar wells. It would seem, however, that following recent rainfall, the problem has been solved”. Nevertheless, the auxiliary wells at Son Vila are prepared to release their supply onto the water network if it became strictly necessary. All that is needed is the installation of a generator and pump.

Festival vandalism

THE president of the Partido Popular Committee in Bunyola, Miguel Mateu Roig, has lodged a legal complaint with local police following acts of vandalism perpetrated at the Committee headquarters in calle Major earlier this month.

Roig claimed that he went to the offices at 6.30pm on September 24 and found that the door was already open. Inside, chairs had been thrown across the floor, plant pots had been tipped over and the earth inside had spilled out, papers were strewn across the office and dirt had been smeared throughout the premises.

The president also reported that on 17 September at 8am, he found a poster on the front of the headquarters listing a number of insulting slogans, including “PP-Rasputin”, a reference to a recent Partido Popular scandal which emerged after a political visit to Russia.

Call for free nurseries

THE Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) in Opposition on Calvia Town Council, has called for attendance at all nursery schools in the municipality to be free of charge. The move comes following the opening just a few weeks ago of a creche at the local town hall for the children of council workers and politicians.

The PSOE have presented an official motion to be debated at a Council meeting tomorrow and have been distributing leaflets calling for free nursery school places for all children up to the age of three.

The PSOE say the town hall creche is a very positive move but is a privilege which all citizens should be able to enjoy. The Socialists also pointed out that places at the creche in question were available to Council workers, whether or not they were resident in Calvia. Such places, say the PSOE, are paid for out of the taxes of Calvia residents who then have to pay for their own nursery schools.

K Agriculture show at weekend

PROFESSOR Emeritus at the University of Barcelona, Joan Veny i Clar read the opening speech at the start of the Llucmajor festival yesterday. The author of the speech made reference to the first dictionary in Mallorquín which was produced by Pere A. Figuera, a native of Llucmajor. Also taking part in the opening ceremony was Bartomeu Font Obrador, the municipality's official chronicler.

A feature of particular interest this year is the Exhibition of Ecological Agriculture of Majorca which will be on show this coming Saturday in Paseo Jaume III. There have been plenty of activities organised for the following day including a display in the afternoon of thoroughbred Majorcan horses. The final day of the festival will be on Sunday.


THE Town Council of Andratx is launching a campaign entitled “Qualifications for everyone” to raise the level of local education and training. The project aims to provide a second opportunity to young people who “flop” their school exams, giving them a chance to obtain alternative qualifications before entering the job market.