By Humphrey Carter
RESIDENTS in the old part of Palma are suffering sleepless nights because of noise and some people are considering selling up and either moving out of the city or even leaving the island.

The problem appears to be EMAYA's rubbish collection and street cleaning teams. First, as many city centre residents will know, the rubbish collection comes round at 2am in the morning and are far from quite, then, according to angry residents in the area around Santa Eulalia in the old quarter, the street cleaners come round at 7.15 waking everyone up again. “And it is not is if the streets are spotlessley clash after,” one fed-up residents told the Bulletin. “We have lodged official complaints and even had meetings with the man responsible at EMAYA but nothing has been done and it is driving us round the bend. “The streets are so narrow they carry and intensify the noise, but as the shops don't open until 9.30 or 10am, why they have to clean the streets so early using the blowers which make so much noise. “And why the have to start so early on a Saturday, it's completely disrespectful for the people living here,” the Bulletin was told. While some parts of the old quarter use the new hydraulic waste disposal system, the rubbish trucks and refuse collectors still operate in the main squares apparently causing a great deal of noise and waking up the neighbourhood in the early hours.

Many residents, some of whom are prepared to start taking action, believe that the rubbish should be collected before midnight and not left out on the streets for hours. The general state of Palma is still a burning issue with many city folk and Palma ranking as one of the dirtiest cities in Spain three years ago, is still very fresh in people's minds as few people believe much has improved.


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