New heads for fiestas

THERE will be 11 new giant heads for children for the St Anthony fiestas this weekend. They have been made by the Es Grif association for the disabled, and are replicas of the heads worn by adults. They include popular characters such as the Marx Brothers. The highlights of the fiesta include a parade of these figures and St Anthony through the streets and dancing around bonfires from 10pm on Sunday, and the blessing and parade of animals at 3.30pm on Monday, which is a public holiday in the town.

Not fit for cyclists

THREE of the cycle routes in the municipality are impossible to use because of pot holes. Opposition councillor Arnau Amer said that they were dangerous, especially when it rained heavily and the holes became full of water, making them hard to see. He also criticised the fact that signs had been painted on the rural roads before they were asphalted, because the asphalt would cover them. “This is a waste of money,” he said. The cycle tracks were the brainchild of the Balearic tourism ministry and a spokesman said that last year it was decided to give priority to asphalting the paths linking Inca and Selva and Selva and Moscari and just paint signs on the others. However, the roads which are in poor condition will be asphalted this year, after which the signs will be repainted.

Fireworks banned

THE town council has banned the use of fireworks during the St Anthony fiestas on Sunday and Monday. The ban was ordered by the Mayor, Antoni Pastor, who said it applied to firecrackers, rockets and other fireworks which “could disturb the peace, the peaceful use of streets and squares and the normal development of the bonfires and other acts in honour of St Anthony.” He added that the Local Police would have full powers to confiscate any fireworks. The first dance of the demons in Manacor will take place outside the town hall at 2.15pm on Saturday, and the bonfires will be lit at 8pm. The animal parade will be held at 11am on Monday, starting at the Avinguda de Baix des Cos and ending in Calle Dos de Mayo. If the weather is bad, it will be postponed until Sunday the 23rd at 11am. The demons are due to dance for the last time in the Plaza Madrid at 8pm on Monday. Also in the Manacor area, there will be bonfires in Porto Cristo on Sunday night, while the blessing and parade of animals will start at the Plaza de ses Comes at 4pm on Monday, followed at 7pm by bonfires and barbecues. In S'Illot, there will be bonfires and a barbecue after 7pm Mass on Saturday the 22nd.

Better water

THE town council plans to overhaul the drinking water network in the Camí Blanc-Sant Crist area, by replacing the old pipes and installing new water meters and new connections. Three companies are bidding for the contract, according to Mayor Francesc Aguiló. The budget is 216'364 euros, with the council paying 60 per cent and consumers the balance. Aguiló said that neighbours who already have meters will pay 1'200 euros, while those who don't will pay 3'000 euros. More than 40 per cent of the water is lost through leaks in the network, a council spokesman said, most of it in rural areas. He added that the proposed work will go a long way towards remedying the situation.

Bull's heads

THE Mayor of Costitx, Maria Antonia Munar, has asked the central government for the fourth time to return at least two of the three bronze bull's heads which were found there in 1894 and are currently on show in the National Archaeology Museum of Madrid. The bronze heads, almost life size, date from prehistoric times. They were discovered at the Son Corró hermitage near Costitx and the man who found them, Joan Vallespir, sold them to the Museum for 3'000 pesetas, after having offered them at the same price to the island authorities. Munar, who is also president of the Council of Majorca, said that she first requested the return of the heads in 1979, then again in 1983 and 1986.