News desk THE General Hospital will have 40 beds for patients suffering from 'flu from next week. The patients will be transferred from Son Dureta which is now full and which has been handling 20 per cent more cases in casualty than usual over the last few days.

The General Hospital already has 24 beds for patients from Son Dureta, and will provide an extra 16 from next week, under the health ministry's contingency plan in view of the growing demand.

A spokesman for the health ministry said that the 55 beds which had been made available at Son Llatzer are all occupied.
For the time being, the national health hospital in Manacor has been able to cope with demand.
The spokesman said that the occupancy of the hospitals was “very high”, with a 15 per cent increase in demand in Manacor and Son Llatzer. But, he said, it was quite normal, and there had been no interruptions in the programme of operations.

The number of cases of 'flu is currently 59 per 100'000 inhabitants.