News Desk THE tiny but all important Majorca Unionist Party announced their campaign for Spain's referendum on the European Constitution which takes place on February 20. The Unionists, who govern Majorca in coalition with the Partido Popular (PP), have given their full support to the Treaty along with their much larger stablemate, the PP. “Voting against the Constitution would be suicide which could lead to a major economic crisis,” is how the Unionists see the February 20 poll. The President of UM, María Antonia Munar, the Secretary General, Damía Nicolau, and the Communication Secretary, Bartomeu Vicens, yesterday presented their campaign poster, that has the motto “Yes to Europe”, as well as the main contents of the Treaty. They also highlighted that they will delivering leaflets “door to door” as from next Monday.

In addition they will be organising informative meetings in rural areas, they will be holding presentations on the Treaty and will inform people of the discussions that will be held at the Balearic Government and at Town Halls where the UM has representation.

During her speech, Munar said that the Treaty has now “improved” and even though her party would not have created it exactly as it was, she defends it as a “step in the right direction” that “takes into account” insularity, regional committees and also defends cultural and linguistic heritages.

The Majorcan Unionist Party wants a “united and strong Europe that has worldwide power”, and they think that the Treaty will help to achieve this.
After reminding those present that Majorca “lives within Europe”, Munar said that she would not like to imagine the “economic crisis” that could happen if Spain does not ratify the Constitution.

Vicens added that it would be “suicide” to say no to the treaty when there is a ever-growing powerful Asian continent and the United States of America with its international weight.

While both the Unionists, the Partido Popular and the Spanish Socialist Party all support the Constituation there is some opposition.
The Majorcan Socialist Party, (PSM), Majorca's third political force, will be campaigning against the Treaty claiming that it fails to take into account the regional needs of areas such as the Balearics. They also believe that the Constitution does not go far enough in protecting regional languages.

Also opposed to the EU Constitution are some groups of Palma Residents Associations, who are seeking a “no” vote at the referendum. Opinion polls suggest that there will be a “Yes” vote in the referendum in which foreign EU residents cannot vote.