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THE bad news on the weather front is that the cold and snow are here to stay for the next few days. The National Met Office said there is more cold weather on the way in the Balearic Islands and all over Spain.

The good news is that warmer weather will start kicking in from Wednesday or Thursday next week.
A new very cold front is coming from the Arctic, and is forecasted to turn up in Europe tomorrow afternoon and will affect both Spain and the Balearic Islands, said the Met Office. This new Arctic front will dominate Spanish weather, instead of the Atlantic rains that were previously forecasted to arrive this weekend by the Met Office.

There will be a “fight for power” between the humid air masses coming from the Atlantic and the freezing front that originates from the Arctic and for this reason, it is difficult to predict the weather as the two fronts are complicating everything, said Angel Rivera, head of the Met Office. Next week's forecast indicates that the Atlantic rainy and warmer front will not arrive until next Wednesday or Thursday. The Balearic Islands have been put on weather alert, along with seven other regions in Spain.

In Majorca, it is predicted that snow (up to 5cms) will fall in areas higher then 700 metres and there will also be heavy rainfall in other regions, for example Palma, Calvià and Arenal. Tomorrow there will be southwesterly storms in the southern regions bringing rain, but they will be weaker than originally predicted. Snow will fall in areas higher than 800-900 metres.

The storms will be stopped by the Arctic front which will instead bring freezing temperatures, said Rivera. This new front will stop snow falling, but there will be strong winds that will make it feel colder.


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