Train station

THE work to the Inca train station are still in progress and yesterday one of the most important parts of the project began, the opening to Avenida del Ferrocarril. This road is next to the train station and will allow it to connect to Avenida General Luque.

Illegal watering denied

THE Balearic Ministry for the Environment yesterday denied that watering of an illegal golf course in Pollensa has been taking place, and confirmed that the concenssion for using these watering resources have only been granted to an agricultural farm called Can Guillot. The Government was responding to the recent accusations from the environmental group GOB, who asked that the Government suspend the aformentioned concession until research has been carried out into the matter. In a communique, the Government added that these accusations have been rejected on two occasions. They were first rejected by the experts in the Ministry for the Environment and then secondly rejected by the General Management team in the Water Resources Department, who confirmed that the concession was granted “after all the necessary requirements were fulfilled”.

Tourism pioneer

THE Son Servera town council yesterday paid homage to the Matilde Vives for her pioneering work in promoting tourism in the bay of Llevant. The Mayor presided the event and gave Matilda an award to recognise her work. Her family attended the event. Matilde opened a foundation called can Cupa in 1924, a place with eight rooms in Cala Bona, where travellers, artists and business people can stay to learn more about the area. During the award ceremony the Mayor Demià Ripoll said “Matilde's story is one of personal achievement, courage, a story full of small details. By granting this award the twon council is regonising this great woman's work, her bravery, her will to never give in and her individual fight”.

Electricity woes

VARIOUS areas of Sineu have been having electricity problems for the past couple of weeks. Electrical power does not seem to be reaching many homes in the area, which means that some electrical equipment does not work. Some measurements show that electrical power is only reaching 180watts, and the minimum needed is usally 207 watts. These problems are chiefly ocurring in those areas near to the road that goes to Palma and at Plaza des Fossar. The difficulties have meant that some residents in these areas have thrown out electrical equipment as they believed it was a machine fault rather than an electrical fault. An independent group, Sineuers Independents. have presented a motion in the town hall to “start urgent work on re-establishing the correct service and to present a formal complaint against GESA for a lack of information”.

Road complaints

MANY residents and shop owners have complained about the terrible state of the busy and important Gran Via de Colom, which is full of holes on both lanes of traffic. They are complaining that the bad state of this road is causing damage to their vehicles as well as making it difficult for drivers to maneouvre. One of these residents, Antonio Rosa, wanted to personally express his “anger” directed at the council, as he has “been complaining about the bad state of this road for two years now and they still have done nothing about it. They avoid the problem and just do botch jobs”. They are also complaints about the bad state of the pavements and edges of the Gran Via de Colom in Inca. The regional socialist party have made these complaints public, and states that this lack of maintenance to public areas of the city “is making residents complain, is giving the city a bad image and is producing physical and material accidents”. The socialist party have confirmed that “there are many holes in the road, broken signs and a lack of road signals”.

Council changes

THERE have been three changes in the Vilafranca council even though we are still only in the second year of the current Government leadership. During the last council meeting, the minister Catalina Bauçà presented her resignation for personal reasons. The Mayor now needs to restructure his team.


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