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THE National Institute of Statistics (INE) yesterday released their report that gives detailed information on the numbers of foreign residents in the Balearic Islands, taking into account where the residents originally came from, and it came to a total of 131'423 foreign residents.

Over 130'000 foreigners live in the Balearic Islands and the majority of these (61'238) are European. Whilst the remaining foreigners originate from America (47'240), Africa 18'814) and Asia (4'014).

In terms of these foreign residents in the Balearic Islands, most have been found by the National Institute of Statistics to be from Germany (19'790), followed by people from Ecuador (15'381), Morocco (13'649), UK (12'745), Argentina (10'426) and Colombia (8'519).

According to the report by the INE, the following countries are behind the aformentioned top six groups; Italy (6'864), France (4'842), Bulgaria (3'130), Uruguay (2'815), Romania (2'268), China (1'930), Holland (1'791), Chile (1'663), Cuba (1'627), Nigeria (1'4224), Bolivia (1'323), Brazil (1'309), Belgium (1'249), Senegal (1'184), Sweden (1'074) and the Dominican Republic (1'050).

The Balearic Islands have a total of 955'045 residents, this is split into 478'046 for male residents and 476'999 for female residents, detailed the report by the Statistical Institute.

The majority of Balearic Islands residents were born in Spain (803'599), and of this figure 557'400 were actually born on the islands. The remaining 246'199 residents were born in another Spanish region. They noted 155'446 residents were born abroad.

In regards of those people who were born in another Spanish region and then moved to the islands, it was discovered that people born in Andalucia are the biggest Spanish residents on the islands with 91'543 residents (46'799 male residents and 44'744 female). This figure can be further split into Andalucian towns, whereby there is a greater number of people born in Granada who are residents in the islands (25'562), followed by Sevilla (16'972), Jaen (14'058), Cordoba (11'889), Cadiz (10'217) and Malaga (5'963).

In contrast to Andalucia, only 30'451 people born in Cataluña moved to the Balearics, most from Barcelona (25'796). Behind these figures, the statistics found that 21'940 people born in Castilla La Mancha moved to the islands, 16'915 from Madrid, 16'910 from Valencia, 15'557 from Castille y Leon and 9'473 from Murcia.


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