Staff Reporter EVEN though August turned out to be not as hot as is normally expected, the start of September promises to be a hotter than average month, with temperatures over 31 degrees in the first two days of the month.

For the first few days of September the temperatures in the Balearic Islands have been higher than average for this time of year, according to the Balearic Met Office.

In just the first few days of the new month, people on the islands have felt a definite change in the weather, with hotter days.
The Balearic Met Office recorded high temperatures on Friday which were “slightly higher than normal for this period”.
In Palma at Porto Pi temperatures reached 31.6 degrees on Friday, in Porreres 31.9 degrees, Porto Colom 30.1 degrees and in Minorca 29.9 degrees.
Even though the temperatures were only around one degree more than the day before, the fact is that this difference was duly noted by all.
The outlook for this weekend is more of the same, sun, clear skies and slight winds.
There will be no dramatic change in the weather conditions next week either, according to the Balearic Met Office.
In Palma (Porto Pi) there is expected to be maximum and constant temperatures hitting the 29-30 degrees mark during the week, with cloud coverage increasing throughout the week. There will also be a 35 percent chance of rain.

Soller will feel a little cooler than Palma next week, with maximum temperatures estimated at 24-25 degrees, and minimum temperatures of 16 degrees. Whereas Mahon in Minorca can expect maximum temperatures of 29 degrees.

With regards to the drought situation in the Balearic Islands, the water reservoirs in the three islands are still registering deficits, which has seriously been felt by the Balearic agriculture sector. All agricultural products, with the exception of vines, have been damaged due to the lack of rain this summer, with cereal crops being worst hit. For this reason, financial aid has been made available to this sector, and the period for applying for grants is now opened.