PALMA'S two main reservoirs, Cuber and Gorg Blau, are on average nearly 50 percent full, almost 13 percentage points above the level of water they contained at the beginning of October 2005.

This was announced by the deputy mayor of the Environment Department and President of EMAYA, Catalina Terrassa. “The fact that the reservoirs are now at nearly 50 percent of their capacity can be taken as a very positive sign, if you take into account that the coldest months are yet to come. These, in general, are the months when we have most rain, especially in the month of November”, she said.

More specifically, Terrassa said that in the first few days of October the level of the two reservoirs was, on average, at 47.12 percent of their total capacity.

This means that they contain 5.65 million cubic metres of water between them.
Last year, at the beginning of October, Cuber and Gorg Blau contained, on average, 34.87 percent of their total capacity, which was four million cubic metres of water.

The Gorg Blau reservoir has nearly two million cubic metres of water in it, some 27.11 percent of its total capacity, while the Cuber reservoir contains 78.83 percent of its total capacity, with a stored volume 3.66 million cubic metres of water.

The councillor added that the water received by the two reservoirs was 17.280 cubic metres per day.
The torrential rain which we had in September made that month the second wettest of the year, only being exceeded by the amount of rain in January.
The calculated average during the whole year has already exceeded levels of rainfall recorded in the last three years.
Due to this, springs and wells have been able to recover significantly during 2006 and a wetter than usual winter is forecast.