A 30 year old Moroccan man suffered second and third degree burns to 60 percent of his body after the small hut in Magalluf in which he was sleeping was set alight. The victim was flown to the special burns unit at La Fe hospital in Valencia because of the extent of his injuries.
Local police in Calvia arrested a 60 year old man suspected of starting the fire, and are investigating whether there were others involved.
The suspect, of no fixed abode, was handed over to the Guardia Civil by the local police.
The hut which was burnt is the property of Gesa, although it has been derelict for some years, and is situated in the area known as Marina de Magalluf, in Calle Gongora. It appears that the injured man and the suspect had quarrelled for various reasons.
Among these reasons was the fact that both men wanted to take possession of the hut to use it as a sleeping place.
The fire was started around 6.30am.
The victim ran from the house towards Magalluf church to get help.
Not far from the house he came across three Calvia 2000 workers, whom he asked for water several times, and who called the Guardia Civil.
The alarm was raised and a local police patrol was the first to arrive on the scene.
The officers, on seeing the precarious state of the victim, called an ambulance urgently, gave first aid to the injured man and wrapped him in a thermal blanket as he was shivering. Shortly afterwards, the ambulance arrived, followed by the Guardia Civil and the firemen.
The ambulance crew treated the injured man on the spot and then took him to Son Dureta. But due to his serious condition, it was decided to transfer him to the La Fe hospital in Valencia, where he was admitted to the burns unit. It is believed that the burns he suffered were mainly to the chest and stomach area.
The Guardia Civil are in charge of the investigation of the case.
Officers from this force have sealed off the hut and taken various samples from it to try to establish the cause of the fire and whether the perpetrator (or perpetrators) used any kind of fuel.