The big question in Pollensa is who the Majorcan Union (UM) will pact with after four years of ups and downs with its partner in ruling the council, the Partido Popular (PP) Bartomeu Cifre, the Partido Popular (PP) candidate has spoken in public of repeating his pact with the UM-UNPI, but it is also true that Joan Cerda, the UM-UNPI candidate, has said on several occasions that a pact under the same conditions as 2003 is no longer possible in Pollensa.

The lack of “feeling” between Cerda and Cifre is evident, but this was also true in 2003 when Cifre left his former co-rulers in the council, the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers Party) and PSM (Majorcan Socialist Party) after Balearic leader Jaume Matas promised heavy investment for the town. He even gave up the last year as Mayor in favour of Cifre when the PSOE had given him carte blache to hold the post for four years.

This year, it looks as though the distribution of votes won't vary too much. It is almost impossible that the PP-UMP will obtain an absolute majority as it would have to win two more seats.

This would leave it at the mercy of the other parties.

A pact with the PSOE, PSM, United Left (EU) or the ERC (Republican Left) has been virtually ruled out, and so if it does not sign a peace treaty with the UM it will lose control of the council.

The PP is the only party fielding a foreigner in its list of candidates in Pollensa, Dorothy Loeffler, representing the Unió Mollera in the Port.

It has promised ESRA (the English Speaking Residents Association) a place for its library and also a meeting hall.


· Bartomeu Cifre
He is heading the coalition between the PP and the Unió Mollera Pollencina for the second time. This time he is offering four years of experience in council politics, the last as Mayor of Pollensa.

· Joan Cerdà
He is leading the coalition between UM and UNPI for the second time. He was Mayor during the first three years of the legislature and after ceding office to the PP he was named head of the Council of Majorca's heritage department.

· Francisca Ramon
She is returning to council politics after four years as head of a Council of Majorca department. The popularity of the former PSOE Mayor is undeniable.

· Gabriel Cerdà
He has consolidated his position as leader of the PSM in Pollensa. He is backed by four years in the council and four in the opposition. He is also number seven in the Bloc per Mallorca's list for Parliament.

· Pepe Garcia
He heads the list of Alternativa EU Els Verds. He did not stand as a candidate four years ago, but despite having no seat on the council he has made his voice heard in opposition.

· Miquel Angel Sureda
He heads the list of the ERC which was formed in Pollensa four years ago. This is the first time it has fielded candidates in the town.