PALMA council is finalising the preparations for the demolition of the Hotel Ferrari in Cala Mayor after residents complained that they were worried about the building being derelict.

The local police are preparing the area where the demolition will take place. Vehicles have been removed, as has everything around the demolition area. The demolition will take a week.

When the hotel was opened, it specialised in clients such as groups of students, especially in the 1980s.
In contrast with other hotel establishments which have been closed for some years, which usually have their doors boarded up or locked with a key, the Hotel Ferrari property can be entered by just removing one of the three plastic fences.

Once in the interior of the building, there are parts which can be described as especially dangerous, such as the lift shaft, which does not have any type of guard on it, and the area next to the swimming pool, which also has no barrier around it.

The terrace is also in an unfit state to be walked on, with debris at various points. In the interior of the building there are piles of supermarket bags and empty bottles.