By Humphrey Carter
A Moroccan suspect was remanded in custody yesterday in connection with a break-in at a vineyard in Pollensa.
The Guardia Civil has spent the past two months investigating the October 10 robbery of cash, valuable pieces of art and a priceless collection of gold coins from the Xaloc vineyard which is located near the Pollensa golf club.

Not only are the police confident that after a complicated investigation, they had arrested the principal suspect, a number of the items stolen in the million-euro robbery have been recovered.

However, detectives fear that the remaining items have been cashed in for drugs and that more than one person was involved in the heist. The Moroccan remanded in custody by an Inca judge yesterday, it transpires, is a former employee of the vineyard and it was the detailed work of the forensics, who found a set of finger prints, which broke the case. Only a few days ago, the Moroccan was involved in a fight between a group of Moroccans armed with knives in Sa Pobla and when the forensics compared the two sets of finger prints, they matched and, through the police data bank, the suspect was quickly traced to his home where police found some of the stolen gold coins.

Nevertheless, despite the fingerprint match and that some of the stolen coins were found at his home, Mohammed Y. maintained his innocence during yesterday's preliminary hearing.

However, he failed to convince the Inca judge who ordered he be held on remand in prison.
Guardia Civil sources said yesterday that the case is still live and that detectives are now trying to track down whoever has the remaining stolen items.

Police believe that the suspect sold them on at a knock down price to raise cash to buy drugs.
The Guardia Civil are also following a number of leads which they hope will lead to the rest of the gang involved in the robbery.


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