Staff Reporter

COMPANIES in the golf sector on Majorca are asking the Balearic Government to carry out a specific promotion campaign to encourage this segment of the tourism industry.

They complain that the Balearic Government has not replied to their proposal for the organisation of the next world congress for tour operators specialising in golf, IAGTO (International Association of Golf Tour Operators).

IAGTO recently held its 2007 convention in Cancun, and in 2008 it plans to hold the congress in Andalucia.
The golf business people recalled that during the month of September Peter Walton, President of IAGTO, had a meeting on Majorca with various company executives and tourist institutions to talk about the possibility of holding the convention here.

The same sources say that the company bosses took this proposal to the Balearic Government, but to date have not received the courtesy of a reply.
The same sources recalled that the annual congress of the association of tour operators specialising in golf brings together more than 1'000 executives from all over the world.

This means that it becomes a first class promotional opportunity for the town or city in which the congress is held.
In addition to this, the golf sector also lamented that the Balearic Government is not carrying out any specific promotional activities to promote this tourist segment.

They say that it is characterised by the high spending level of the tourists who play golf, but the Balearic Government have done more to promote other activities, such as leisure boat tourism.

The Balearic Islands offer the tourism market 22 golf courses, and receive an average of 150'000 specialised tourists per year, with an average stay of nine days and year-on-year demand continues to grow.

But, the golfing sector, just like the thriving nautical industry, feels marginalised by the authorities and feasr that all the proposed building freezes are going to have a negative effect on the sector which is already facing growing competition from new destinations.