ALMOST half of the visitors to Spain in the 12-month period up until the end of October travelled on low-cost airlines, latest figures have revealed.
A total of 26 million passengers heading to Spain were transported on no-frills carriers - an annual rise of 14.4 percent said the latest report from the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce. It said 48.8 percent of international arrivals at Spain's airports travelled on low-cost airlines.

Majorca was the top destination for budget travellers with 4.9 million passengers in the 12-month period to October, a rise of 11.4 percent, followed by Barcelona with 3.3 million arrivals and Malaga with 3.1 million.

Most low-cost passengers came from the UK, which accounted for 36.8 percent of the total arrivals at Spanish airports. The 9.5 million passengers from the UK represented an increase year-on-year of 9.3 percent.

The UK was followed by Germany, with 6.3 million passengers and Italy with 2.3 million.