STAFF REPORTER THIS coming week will see the start of a major food distribution operation coordinated by Palma City Council in conjunction with the Red Cross. Seventy six tonnes of basic food supplies will be sent out to families who are in dire need, principally those who have been most badly affected by the economic crisis.

The move is being financed by a European Community 2009 Aid Plan in three stages, for distribution in May, September and December. The aim is for 95 percent more supplies to be sent out this month than during the same period last year.

Social Welfare Councillor, Eberhard Grosske, said yesterday that 19 organisations had signed up to the delivery of milk, baby food, pasta, rice, juice, flour and biscuits and other essentials. The Council have also been in touch with private companies, supermarkets and food distributors to ensure that no basic foodstuffs within their sell-by date go to waste when there are people going hungry. Grosske said that he expects the worst effects of the economic crisis are still to come and that his department is getting ready for a “notable increase” for cries for help in October and November this year.