Humphrey Carter

MAXIMUM temperatures in Palma hit 37ºC again yesterday but the Balearic Met. office said yesterday that the heat wave which has been gripping the island for the past few days, should start to ease from today.

On Sunday, maximum temperatures reached 37ºC in many parts of the island and Majorca remained on weather alert yesterday for extremely high temperatures. Today, only the south of Majorca will remain on alert.

Sunday night was also extremely hot.
At 8pm in Soller the temperatures continued as high as 32º and did not begin to drop until 2am. But, at 6am yesterday, the thermometres in Soller already registered 20C.

Banyabulfar also suffered an intense night, at midnight , it was still 32ºC.
Today and tomorrow, maximum temperatures are going to remain high in Palma reaching 34ºC, but the rest of the island should enjoy a slight respite. Yesterday, the Majorcan Social Affairs Institute, which is part of the Ministry for Health, said that a special heat wave programme has been launched in all of the region's residential care homes to reduce the risks the elderly face in the heat.

The Ministry for Health is also going to provide leaflets at all of the region's clinics and health centres informing the general public are what steps to follow to beat the heat.

The general pubic is advised to wear loose comfortable clothing, wear protective items such as sunglasses and hats and to use protective sun cream. The leaflets also advises against practicing sport during the hottest periods of the day and to stick to a diet of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Try to avoid heavy, hot meals and drink plenty of liquids, preferably juices and water.
Temperatures may shoot up again over the weekend.