CALVIA Local Police began using a new drug detection machine over the weekend.
On Sunday evening a number of road checks were set up in and around Magalluf as police began carrying out the first trials of a new electronic hand-held machine which can detect the presence of six different types of drugs through an instant road side analysis of the driver's saliva.

Prior to the Calvia tests, the machines are only being used in two different cities on mainland Spain but, they are expected to be much more common.

A total of 95 drivers were tested in Magalluf and six of them tested positive for alcohol.
The new machines can detect alcohol and drug levels in the blood by analysing a sample of saliva.
Should the driver test positive for either drugs or alcohol - or both - a second road side test is carried out and, if the same results are repeated, the sample of saliva is then subjected to a more exact examination by a laboratory.

Local Police sources have said that they are satisfied with the initial results of the pioneering test machines and similar spot checks. Controls are expected to become common over the summer - specially in the popular night spots.

Calvia Local Police will also be stepping up their presence on the streets this summer amidst an increase in the number of prostitutes operating in Magalluf.