STAFF REPORTER BALEARIC President, Francesc Antich said yesterday that the construction of a second rail track at the junction close to Inca was going very well. The second track at the junction will mean that trains running in and out of Inca from Sa Pobla and Manacor won't have to wait and give way to each other. Regional Transport Minister, Gabriel Vicenç who was visiting the site yesterday with Antich, confirmed that 100 technicians and labourers have been contracted to work piecemeal to complete the project on schedule. The length of the second track stretches five kilometres. The President said that everything would be complete by this coming September, adding that the addition will mean not just greater safety but that trains will be able to run more punctually.

Other works being carried out on the railway in the Inca area include the insertion of mechanisms to stop vibration along the track when the train passes through the residential area of the town, a new wider and higher bridge in Calle Juniper Serra, the widening of six bridges to accommodate the train on its passage through Inca, and the reform of the changing rooms on the Sallista football stadium which have been affected by the rail work.

The Mayor of Inca, Pere Rotger, also highlighted the importance of the railway upgrade. “The town is going to be that much better connected,” he said.