By Humphrey Carter

FOUR people were intoxicated by fumes in three separate fires in Palma during the early hours of yesterday morning and lunch time.
The blaze broke out at 2am in an apartment in calle Isaac Peral. Members of the Local Police and fire fighters were forced to break down the door as smoke began billowing out of the windows, Inside they found a young man asleep, oblivious to the fire in his flat. According to the fire service, the blaze was started by a high voltage light which he was apparently using to cultivate his marijuana plants.

The second fire was reported at 6.30am at another apartment in calle Joan Miro. The blaze apparently started in one of the bedrooms and the inhabitants managed to flee the flames and the thick smoke which filled the stairwell.

Both of the inhabitants were however overcome by the thick smoke.
The third and final fire of the day broke out at 1.30pm in an apartment in calle Bolero.
The fire is thought to have broken out in the kitchen and spread quickly through the rest of the property causing serious damage to some parts of the flat.

The two male inhabitants needed treatment for intoxication at the scene and medical sources said that all four of the victims were recovering well last night.