Palma.—The unique private jet share community created by Majorcan home owner and leading British businessman Clive Jackson took to the skies over Easter and the service is proving very popular with travellers tired of having to waste hours of their valuable time at airports to then be crammed inside a low cost airline bound for Palma.

But, with Jackson about to open up Victor to the U.S. market, it is not only two legged passengers which are enjoying the new jet share service but so too have their pets.

Former Majorcan residents Glenda Dean has often used private jets when travelling with her dog Duchess. “Granted, not every one can afford travelling by private jet but when we lived in Majorca we did use the scheduled airlines which would carry pets with their travel passports etc. “But, apart from being very stressful for the dogs, and the owners, it took up so much time and then the dog would be hauled off and stuck in the hold of the plane and we would not see her again for hours. “In the winter, it was freezing in the hold while in the summer, the opposite was the case. “And the animals do get scared. “Once, when travelling back to Palma, we could not find our dog at the airport until we eventually spotted her box going round the luggage carousel, that really was the last straw for me,” Glenda said. “And at Gatwick, you have to drop off and collect your pet from the cargo terminal, so it really was a major time wasting operation,” she added. “Fortunately, I and my late husband could afford to use private jets and we did whenever travelling with Duchess. “And I will be doing so with Victor when the occasion arises. “Apart from the ten minute check in time, you just walk the dog on board and they can sit in the seat and enjoy the journey. “They don't have to be in a box or anything. It's much less stressful for both the animal and the owner,” she added. “We even flew an abandoned dog Selina Scott adopted in Majorca back to the UK on a private jet for her,” Glenda said. “I think, for those whose time is valuable and are happy to spend the money, the Victor jet share scheme is a great idea and it's the only way Duchess is going to travel. “I guess you could take them by road, but that too is as time consuming, it can take a couple of days to drive from Majorca to Britain and very few Spanish hotels accept dogs - the French do - and stressful experience for all parties involved,” she added. “You can use a ‘pet carrier' but you don't see your dog for days,” she added.


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