Palma.—Balearic Vice President and Finance Minister Josep Ignasi Aguiló said yesterday that the regional government is going to base its budget on the 350 million euro saving plan which had already been mapped out prior to Central Government asking that the public deficit be cut further. “We're going to try and operate within the financial framework that we had already set out, something which had in any event been drafted with the full knowledge of Central Government,” said Aguiló.

Asked about the extra 10'000 million euros worth of further cuts in Education and Health which Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has called for to be incorporated into regional budgets, Aguiló said that in the Balearics, the government will carry on with policies introduced by Partido Popular President José Ramón Bauzà at the beginning of his term of office, now almost a year ago.

Speaking yesterday after presenting a government campaign to reduce risks in the work place, Aguiló said that Bauzà's ruling team has revised virtually the whole of the public spending network, doing away with what is clearly unnecessary and reorganising the public sector.

Aguiló said that the process of revision of government spending was an ongoing daily operation and that within a year “the state of public finances will be a very different picture.” He said the regional government was contributing in a major way to Welfare State maintenance. The Minister said the Balearic government had achieved a great deal because at the time of drawing up the regional budget for 2012, it was not clear at the time what funding was going to come from Madrid.


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