Palma.—The new central government delegate to the Balearics, Teresa Palmer, has only been in the job a few weeks but she already has one major problem to tackle.

The latest figures from the Secretary of State for Security at the Home Office reveal that the number of house break-ins in the Balearics has risen by 60 percent during the first six months of this year in comparison to the same period in 2011.

There has also been an increase in violence being used during the break-ins.
Last year, a total of 1'291 house breaks-ins were reported.
Between January and the end of June of this year, a total of 2'041 break-ins were reported, an increase of 58.1 percent and that is causing the security services great concern and it is also causing people to feel less secure.

There has also been a rise in the number of drug dealers being arrested but that is being attributed to the greater efficiency of the police and the drugs squad which has been very active and effective this year, shutting down 171 dealers, nearly seven percent more than during the whole of last year.

There has also been a fall in the number of murders, muggings and vehicle theft.
The biggest problem facing the new central government delegate is that outside of Palma, there are not enough members of the Guardia Civil to ensure maximum security while in Palma, residents would like to see more police on the beat throughout the year, not just during the summer when the population swells with tourists and the Spanish royal family arrives.

The problem is that as far as the public is concerned, crime has risen and that is not making people safe in their homes.
One of the main reasons is the recession and people being forced to turn to crime or the black market but at the same time, we have seen this week that key police units are being scrapped when it would appear they should be being stepped up.