Pollença.— In order to preserve the integrity of local tradition, the Majorcan Socialists (PSM) have called for the annual Moors versus Christians festival in Pollensa to be officially listed by the Council of Majorca as an item of cultural heritage.

The PSM claim that such recognition would respect the sequence of street theatre and mock naval battles that are an integral part of the tribute to the Christian community who held out against Moorish invasion centuries ago.

Biel Cerdà, ex Heritage Councillor on the Council of Majorca and ex PSM Councillor in Pollensa, said yesterday that application for the heritage status will be lodged at the next full council meeting.

He said that official listing would protect the festival about which many people in Pollensa feel strongly. “Heritage status would stop the theme and action of the festival from becoming distorted,” Cerdà said, claiming that it would also mean that costumes would be regulated and the festival would garner an overall sense of prestige. “It won't mean that other people who are not from Pollensa can't take part but if the festival is listed, it will stop people wearing sports shoes when the clear ruling for footwear is sandals,” Cerdà suggested.

PSM Councillor Bartomeu Cifre had already put forward a request for the festival to be protected at the Council's July meeting and was critical yesterday that during this year's Moors and Christians “battle” there were streets other than those dictated by tradtion used in the action. Malena Estrany, Culture Director on Pollensa Council said in response that the issue of listing the festival as regional heritage is yet to be debated but furthered that if all parties are agreed, there is no reason why a formal application cannot be made.