Palma.—A leading British organisation which every year recognises the heroic acts of British citizens at home and abroad, yesterday contacted the Bulletin, as part of its search for the Belgian couple British fireman Paul McCarron saved from a blaze in Can Pastilla earlier this month.

Paul, a fire fighter from Birmingham was on holiday on the island visiting close friends in the resort when on Thursday, August 3 he and his friend Richard Ross, rushed to the aid of a small apartment block in Calla Estancia which was on fire.

At the time, Paul and his wife Selina and young son Harry had returned from a BBQ and were enjoying a dip in the sea when an apartment on the top floor of the eight story building suddenly burst into flames.

Days after Paul told the Bulletin that it was his wife who pointed out the blaze and Paul and Richard were first on the scene. Paul rushed up to the top floor while Richard set about waking all the other residents and evacuating the building.

Paul told of how the thick smoke on the top floor forced him to crawl along the floor with just a wet T-shirt wrapped around his mouth in order to clear the top floor.

Fortunately, the flat which caught fire was empty, but there was an elderly couple who he helped and one woman, who initially refused to leave the building as well as the Belgian couple, one of which suffered minor burns to his feet.

Now, we need to track down the Belgian couple.
If you can help contact the Bulletin.