Palma.—National Police said yesterday that they had arrested two Spaniards, allegedly guilty of starting the forest fires in Son Vida in Palma.
Police sources said that they detained 22 year-old Jorge G.A. and 20 year-old Maria M.G. who have been accused of starting a forest fire at 6.15pm last Monday at the end of Calle Binicaubell. This is the very same spot where other fires started two to three weeks ago.

When the fire broke out last Monday, Local Police, Guardia Civil and National Police immediately launched security procedures established for such occasions. At the same time, security personnel in Son Vida reported that they had stopped a couple who were inside a car at the scene of the blaze.

When the National Police Crime Squad reached the spot, officers were able to see for themselves that the driver's hands and clothes were stained with charcoal.

When a search was made of the vehicle, a cigarette lighter was found on one of the rear passenger seats.
An exhaustive investigation was begun. Just minutes before, a group of construction workers engaged in a project nearby, had let security personnel in Son Vida know that they had come across a parked car without anyone inside but with the motor still warm.

Moments later a forest fire was declared in the area and security staff could see the pair fleeing in the same vehicle. The staff gave chase and stopped the vehicle and alerted authorities.

In the declaration that they made to police, neither of the young people had a reliable alibi, restricting their statement to saying they were girlfriend and boyfriend and that they had gone to that spot to get a better view of the Bay of Palma.

The National Police, the Guardia Civil and the Local Police are working in close collaboration to put paid to the destructive work of pyromaniacs. There have been four fires within a month which have been deliberately started in Son Vida. As soon as a fire is reported officers from all the security forces swoop on the scene of the outbreak, sealing off the area and investigating any possible suspicious circumstances. The cooperation and investigation takes time but has proved effective.