Palma.—The National and Local Police in Palma have mounted a joint operation which has resulted in the seizure of 2'700 plants of marijuana weighing 422 kilos and the arrest of a 44-year-old man.

In an official statement released by the National Police yesterday, the joint operation was carried out on Thursday morning when the two forces raided a property on the Can Cremat development near the Son Oms industrial estate.

The drugs squad had apparently had the property under surveillance for some months and after confirming that the property was being used for the trafficking and dealing of drugs, the green light was given for Thursday's joint operation.

Apart from the plants found in the garden, inside the property, police found a completed fitted room for the cultivation of marijuana plants as well as special drying and processing equipment.

Police also managed to establish that the plant was apparently illegally connected to the power grid.
Initially, the suspect claimed that he was from Senegal and had no papers but police later confirmed the individual's true identification and that he has a police record.

The National Police described the result of the raid as “significant” and that it was one of the biggest seizures of marijuana ever in Majorca.
However, the operation is apparently still on going and the police are not ruling out further arrests over the coming days.