Palma.—The monthly hotel price check by has discovered that despite the high season having come to an end, Palma still has the third most expensive hotels in the country.

The average room rate in Palma is 140 euros, the same as in Barcelona.
Only San Sebastian is more expensive where average room rates are 166 euros per night.
The national average is 108 euros and in most destinations, hoteliers have reduced their prices in order to try and keep busy until the end of the season next month when, in the case of Majorca, most of the hotels will close up for the winter.

The only establishments which will remain open in the winter for sure are those in the Majorcan capital. Regional capitals like Santander, Malaga and Cadiz have in fact dropped their prices by 28, 8 and 5 percent respectively although they still remain some of Spain's most expensive destinations with average room rates at around 101'92 and 128 euros respectively.

However, it is not only Spain's main cities which have hiked their prices as the summer draws to a gradual close.
The same has occurred across Europe.
In Paris, Berlin and Brussels, hotels have put their prices up over the past few months by as much as 48 percent to 218, 132 and 130 euros respectively. At least in the case of Palma, there are going to be far more regular air links to the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe this winter. So with these advantages, the Balearic capital may survive as a city destination.