Despite opposition from the Majorcan and Balearic Sociast parties, the Council of Majorca has approved an increase in the tariffs in the Soller tunnnel.

The move has been prompted by an increase in VAT introduced at the beginning of this month by Central Governmetn and will mean that the toll will go up by between 5 and 10 cents.

Although residents in Soller and Fornalutx will not be affected by the price hike, other motorcycle riders will have to pay 1.95 euros, a further 5 cents, whilst car drivers will be having to pay 4.90 euros, an increase of 10 cents, the Council confirmed yesterday.

The Union of Majorcan Associations said yesterday that such a rise was “outrageous” because the Soller tunnel already had the most expensive toll in Spain in terms of price per kilometre ratio.