Palma.—The minor arrested in connection with the fire bombing of the Mayor of Soller's car last week was yesterday appeared before a juvenile court in Palma.

His 20-year-old accomplice has already been ordered to be held on remand in Palma prison and denied bail as he waits to be charged with arson.
Yesterday, the juvenile court released the youngster on the grounds that he is kept under a constant vigil, what is considered an ASBO in the United Kingdom, serve 100 hours of community service and make no attempt to contact the mayor.

The minor was also issued with a restraining order preventing him from being within a radius of 300 metres of the mayor, Carlos Simarro, for the next two years.

The judge did take into account the youngster's intention to personally apologise to the mayor but nevertheless, handed out a severe sentence with the youngsters parent's being held responsible should he reoffend.

But, it appears that this may not be the end of the matter. While the Mayor has asked for greater police protection for himself, his family and key members of the council, police are continuing to question close friends of the two suspects as they try to piece together what led them to carry out the attack on the mayor's BMW.

The 20-year-old is also being held responsible for vandalising and setting light to as many as 14 parking meters in Soller.
In fact, he was spotted vandalising the meters by a local resident in the early hours of Sunday morning and was reported to the police, who subsequently arrested him.

Between the two suspects they are also going to have to cover the costs of the damage caused to the parking meters and the car which has been estimated to be around 100'000 euros.

And, as the Bulletin reported yesterday, a simultaneous investigation has now been mounted into the discovery of a network of digital image recorders apparently illegally planted around Soller. Local political movement Albaina uncovered the cameras and has pressed the charges.