Palma.—The first body to question the director of Turespaña, Manuel Butler, about the government's plan to privatise the Spanish tourist board, Turespaña, will probably be the directors of leading British tour operators with whom he will be sitting down for talks on Monday in London.

However, in the meantime, an argument has broken out over the proposal announced by the Spanish prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, on Thursday night.
Yesterday, Isabel Boreggo, said that due to the current financial situation in Spain, a private-public body is the future for the tourist board.
But, there are fears that the Balearics may not be included in a new body and yesterday Balearic opposition Socialist MP, Pablo Martin, said that it is totally unacceptable that the Balearics could find itself being excluded from a new tourist board.

The Balearic government was quick to hit back in attempt to quash fears with spokesperson Rafel Bosch claiming that, while he was aware of the plans to shake up the tourist board, he had heard nothing about the Balearics being excluded.

He pledged that the Balearic government will do everything within its powers to form part of the new tourist organisation.
Sources in Madrid said yesterday that the proposal is very much in its infancy and exactly how a new tourist board would be put together and its function has yet to properly discussed. However, the private sector does not seem to excited about the scheme, in particular investing in a government body.