Palma.—Heir to the Spanish throne Prince Felipe and his wife Princess Letizia attended the premier of Anglada Simfonic at the Trui Theatre to give a boost to a new work by singer and composer Jaime Anglada.

The composition was a mêlé of Anglada's already-known rock and roll successes transformed into a classic work by the Balearic Symphony Orchestra.
The royal couple's attendance came as a surprise to the 1'400 people in the audience.
Attendees witnessed an unexpected police presence in the entrance area of the theatre a few minutes before the recital was due to start. The performance in fact began about 15 minutes late amid loud applause from the audience in the tightly packed theatre which had been specially decorated for the occasion.

There were about 50 musicians in the Symphony Orchestra which accompanied Jaime Anglada's band on stage.
Once the applause had died down, the first notes of the repertoire were played and a complete hush fell over the audience.
Anglada, wearing a black waistcoat and grey striped shirt sang many of his best known hits, such as Donde estabas tu?, Amigo del pincel and Cincuenta por ciento.

Apart from the presence of the royals, Anglada had the support of professional colleagues for some renditions such as the singer/songwriter Miguel Rios who joined Anglada in a performance of Todo lo que puedo dar.