London/Palma.—From 22-28th October, London's top Spanish restaurants and Maltby Street Food Market will be celebrating the produce and typical recipes of Majorca.

During the week, look out for authentic Majorcan specials on the menus at 5 of London's top Spanish restaurants, including Pizarro, Tramontana, Barrafina, Cambio de Tercio and Barcelona Tapas.

A select group of food producers, will be showcasing their wares at Maltby Street. Curated by Radio 4 panellist and Catalan Cooking expert Rachel McCormack, they will form a dedicated market running from Friday 26 to Saturday 27th.

Products on offer include small family estate wines, artisan olive oil, preserves, specialist seasonings and almond based store cupboard ingredients:
Oli Novembre –
Oli Novembre is produced from Majorcan Arbequina olives.
The Extra Virgin olive oil is unfiltered. A greenish golden colour, it has a fruity complexity, with aromas of green walnuts and a citrus finish. Perfect for salads, or as a finishing oil.

Ametlla+ de Mallorca
A range of almond based seasonings, Ametlla offers pure almond oil, as well as 3 innovative seasoning blends, each one inspired by the local cuisine and fresh produce that is readily available.

These can be used as a substitute to salt, or used as a dry rub.
Almond, tomato & spices is ideal for rice, meat & vegetables; Almond, parsley and garlic is good with pasta and fish; Almond, dried apricot and lemon peel is perfect for salads, vegetables and desserts.

Raixa Mallorca
Artisan salt, marmalade and olive products from Raixa Mallorca
Can Majoral
Located in Algaida, this is a small family winery dedicated to bio farming. They produce 5 wines under the Can Majoral label, two white and three red.

Vins Toni
Toni Gelabert has five hectares of cordon-trained vines, cultivated using the cordon de royat pruning system, (leaving eight spurs per vine).
The earth is fertilized with biological nutrients and, in the cultivation, pruning, harvesting, transfer and bottling processes, the age-old system of biodynamics is used.

In addition to the special dishes and market, there will be a ticketed wine tasting on Wednesday 24th October.
The week will kick off with a twitter cook-a-long with Rachel McCormack, where followers to @CatalanCooking/ #LondonMallorcawk, will be able to learn to cook Tumbet (a Majorcan version of Ratatouille) using 140 character instructions.

For those less technically minded, there will also be a conventional cooking class on Tuesday 23rd October.
Mallorcan Food Week is a self funded promotional initiative from a group of Majorcan food producers.
In partnership with Rachel McCormack, their aim is to raise awareness of the food and produce of Majorca, with the aim of increasing exports, gaining potential listings with UK retailers, as well as encouraging visitors to the island itself.

Rachel McCormack is originally from Scotland but spent most of her twenties living in Spain, mainly in Barcelona. While she was there she caught the Catalan obsession with food and learned how to cook from eating in restaurants, talking to women in the markets, watching her friends fight over which was the correct recipe from a certain village and also watching their mothers in their kitchens
Today, she is a panellist on Radio 4's Kitchen Cabinet, and teaches Spanish food classes.