Palma.—The regional office for Central Government's Coastal department has authorised Andratx town council to carry out maintenance works on the seafront walkway in Camp de Mar.

The Partido Popular (PP) Mayor of Andratx Llorenç Suau recognised that the cleaning and upkeep of the seafront walkway didn't normally fall within the power of the municipal council, but the poor image that the deteriorated shore presents affects the council directly.

It was because the seafront walkway had become so run down and deficiencies so obvious that the town council decided to ask the Coastal department for permission to undertake the work themselves so that tourists would get a better impression of the resort.

The principal works will focus on not just cleaning up the walkway, but above all on the reconstruction of the access ramp to the beach which has been badly affected by marine erosion.

According to Suau, the movement of the shore water has destabilised the ramp, eroding the cement which sustained it.
Now, with the authorisation which has been afforded it by the Coastal department, the town council will undertake the work necessary to reconstruct the ramp.

Apart from improving the overall impression of the seafront in Camp de Mar, says the Council, a newly reformed ramp will allow the access of cleaning vehicles down to the beach.