Palma.—Hotels in the Balearics are 16 percent more expensive than they were a year ago, on average 100 euros per night, reportedly the highest increase in the country.

In October, the average prices of hotels in Spain stood at 107 euros, 6 percent more than during the same month in 2011. The figures compare to year-on-year downturns registered in the majority of European countries, a monthly study by tHPI carried out on behalf of Trivago reported.

Despite widespread increases across the country, Barcelona continues to be the most expensive city in which to spend a night with an average of 149 euros per room along with Palma de Mallorca (131 euros) and San Sebastian (129 euros).

At the other end of the scale, Murcia is the cheapest town to spend a night in this month, with an average room price of 60 euros, just slightly less than in Castellón (62 euros), A Coruña and Lleida (64), or Alicante and Huesca (66).

Elsewhere in Europe, prices in hotels in Greece dropped the most (by 11%), followed by average room prices in Switzerland (down by 10%) and in Holland (-9%).

Along with Spain, average hotel prices in Hungary and France were up by 14% and 4% respectively in October. In Budapest and Paris, a room costs 15% more now than it did a year ago.