Palma.—With bar owners in Magalluf busy trying to cash in on the late surge in holiday makers this month after a difficult and uncertain summer season, many can no longer cope with the serious problems being caused by the prostitutes on the streets of the resort.

Over the past few weeks, the newspaper has been contacted by a number of desperate bar owners who no longer know what to do and feel totally let down by the local council.

Many have seen the action Palma City Council has taken along the Playa de Palma this year to curtail any anti social behaviour which posed a threat to the safety and security of holiday makers and local businesses and they are busy wondering why their calls for help were more or less ignored by Calvia Council this summer.

As one bar owner told the paper yesterday: “Big deal, they've rounded up hundreds of beach masseurs, what we want are the prostitutes rounded up because they are damaging the resort's image and our business. The masseurs were hurting no one. “The resort was once known as Shagalluf, now it is known as Mugalluf, just read some of the comments posted in Trip Advisors and that is not good for our image. I just wish the government would wake up before it's too late,” he added.

Other bar owners have spoken of how some holiday makers refuse to walk the streets and are ordering taxis to whisk them straight from their hotel to the pub along the Strip and then back again later on.

One publican, a former member of the armed forces, told of how a few nights ago he asked a handful of prostitutes to move away from the front of his premises.

However, they responded violently and he thought it best to let the matter drop because they also threatened him by claiming to know the registration number of his car and where he lived.

So, not only are the clients at threat so too now are the local bar owners, quite a few of whom are going to seriously consider their future over the winter if nothing is done.