Palma.—Artist, writer and actress Helen Willders Courtney- Lewis passed away yesterday at home in Santa Eugenia. She was eighty seven years old.
During her acting career Helen was recognized with the Atlas Award in the United States for her performance in an acclaimed production in San Diego.
After her move to Majorca Helen became a well known and much loved personality on the island.
Helen will be remembered for her many painting exhibitions and for the columns she wrote for the Majorca Daily Bulletin ‘If You Ask Me' 1986/1987 and ‘Dear Aggy' in 1991.

Helen was also an active contributor to “The Athenian” monthly magazine during a sojourn in Greece. During her time with the magazine, her connections with a former theatrical world in the United Kingdom enabled her to secure an interview with Sir Peter Hall who had been the director of the Shakespeare Company from 1960 to 1968. Sir Peter was visiting Greece in the early 1980s to direct classic theatre.

Helen leaves no remaining family and will be sadly missed by her friends.
The cremation takes place today, Thursday 25th October at Bon Sosec, Marratxi at 8pm.
It has been requested that no flowers be sent.