Palma.—The Majorcan hotel chain Meliá Hotels International said in a statement that it has completed the first phase of the Calvia Beach Resort project.

The construction programme consists of the progressive renewal and restructuring of an area in the tourist resort of Magalluf.
The hotel group said that this location had lost competitivity over the past few years.
Meliá set up a joint venture with the Evertaas group to establish the pillars of a new tourist accommodation and services model. The priority of the construction programme is to improve the immediate environmental surroundings of the hotels, and to increase the social and economic sustainability of the area.

The first phase of the Calvia Beach Resort complex has focused on the renewal and repositioning of four hotels situated on the sea front along an approximate one kilometre stretch of the beach. However, remodelling programmes over the next four to five years will include reforms in other hotels, change of use, an interconnecting pedestrian- only area, improvements in the so-called complementary offer of surrounding bars, cafeterias and restaurants and other tourist businesses. There are also plans afoot, hotel company sources said, to gradually incorporate various activities for clients into the holiday offer at the hotels including nautical tourism, golf and out of season sports.

After the beginning of the project at the start of June this year, Meliá Hotels International has assessed operations at the Sol Wave House and Beach House hotels, highlighting better integration between services and activities, appreciation by local residents and key client markets of the work that has been undertaken, and that 300 new jobs have been created on top of already existing ones.