Soller.—Central Government's Coastal department had sent 16'000 tonnes of sand by container ship from Albacete to regenerate Soller's Través beach as it had lost a third of its surface area due to wave erosion particularly when driven by northerly winds. The sand over time was blown down towards the sea exposing the rocky surface underneath.

The bad weather which has been battering the coast of the Tramuntana mountain region, has, according to some sources washed away a third of the newly regenerated beach. The Través beach was already weakened by heavy rain which had caused fresh water underground springs to rise to the surface.

It is the 150 metres of the south part of the beach which are the most afffected.
In the Port of Soller meanwhile, there is no disguising the worry that the major loss of sand is causing and the concern over how that section of the coastline is to be recovered. This summer, the beach was very popular with sunbathers and swimmers largely because of the new injection of sand.

The regeneration work which was carried out last April as part of an overall improvement project in the Bay of Soller financed by Central Government's Environment ministry. Since that time, there were many critics of the work saying that the beach wouldn't stand up to the pressure from the weather if a breakwater running parallel to the coast wasn't built.

Eventually though, the breakwater was never built due to fears that water may stagnate in the bay as it would have been enclosed and heavily used by bathers in the summer. Also influencing the decision not to build the breakwater was restrictions to the budget for the seafront reform.