Palma.—Daniel Mercado, the boss of the company Over Marketing which masterminded the 2003 and 2007 Balearic election campaigns of the Partido Popular, said yesterday in court that the person who made key decisions in the PP between these dates was Central Government delegate José María Rodriguez.

Over Marketing is being investigated for alleged illegal dealings with the Partido Popular in the Balearics with Daniel Mercado currently being questioned by judicial authorities over the power structure of the PP at the time.

This is the second time that Mercado has made a declaration in court and the information he gave yesterday was much more expansive than at the hearing which took place last week at Guardia Civil headquarters in Madrid.

The judge in Palma, José Castro, showed particular interest in the role that Central Government delegate José María Rodriguez played in the alleged illegal dealings during a time when he was a right-hand man to former Balearic President Jaume Matas.

Mercado claimed that some of the money he claimed for the work he carried out on the campaign work was paid in black. He also said that the money that was paid to senior PP figures was supervised by Rodriguez because he apparently had “vast experience in electoral campaigns.” A document has reportedly come to light showing that the costs of the PP election campaign were vastly more expensive than the official invoices totalling 20'000 euros would suggest.

Rodriguez, ex Senator for the Balearics and former General Secretary for the Partido Popular in the Islands, has already had a run-in with the law when in June 2010 he was called as a witness in the so-called Andratx corruption scandal, in which it was suggested that it was he who tipped off the main culprits on Andratx town council that they were about to be arrested.