Palma.—Victims of brain damage and other physical incapacity took part yesterday in breath test controls being carried out by the Guardia Civil Traffic department.

The campaign in which Aspaym Baleares (Association for the Brain Damaged and Physically Incapacitated) collaborated was aimed at dissuading drivers from being behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol.

One of the check points, under the theme of “Don't go fast, don't drink “ was staged at the kilometre 7 mark of the Ma-30 road where members of Aspaym Baleares in wheelchairs spoke to drivers in cars that had been pulled over for the breath test controls, explaining by their very presence that lives can be ruined by drinking and driving.

Saving lives
Aspaym Baleares has in fact been collaborating with the Traffic department of the Guardia Civil in this way since 2007.
It is proof, said a spokesman for the organisation yesterday that members and volunteers are very willing to take the message out to the public in person, knowing that talking with drivers may help save lives in the future.