Palma.—The metro in Palma is far from reaching the passenger capacity which was envisaged during its construction, said Partido Popular Parliamentary spokesman Mabel Cabrer, yesterday. Cabrer, the Balearic Public Works Minister when the metro project was first undertaken said that 2.9 million people were using the service in 2005 but currently hardly a million passengers have used “the underground” this year.

Dwindling numbers
The Majorcan Transport board has reported that during 2010 the number of people using Palma's single metro line reached 1'080'405. In 2011, passenger numbers dwindled further although not significantly, to 1'068'570.

According to data provided by the Transport board up until September this year, metro users have totalled 757'154 but there is still the final quarter of 2012 to be taken into account.

Judging by the number of people using the metro in Palma since its completion, even the approximation of passenger volume has been insufficient to justify its construction.

The cost of the metro was initially budgeted at 90.8 million euros, although as the construction project progressed, costs increased considerably.
There is currently only one metro line in service in Palma which links the Central Station in Plaza Espanya with the Balearic University campus. Most people use the metro in order to get to and from the University, confirmed the Transport board, adding that the Son Castello industrial estate on the same line is also a major stop-off point.

The Palma metro is the fifth to be built in Spain.
The current economic difficulties being experienced by the Balearics and by Spain as a whole have put a hold on plans to extend the line as far as the technology park and recyling centre, ParcBit.

It would appear from independent research that March and October are the months of the year when the metro is most in demand. In both these months, passenger volume is up to 120'000. By way of contrast user numbers fall significantly in August to just a little over 35'000, largely due to the University being closed.