Palma.— The Balearic government and unions have agreed the minimum services which should remain in place for the public during next week's general strike, government spokesman Rafael Bosch confirmed yesterday.

Scheduled for 14th November, the industrial action will take place across the country with support in other European Union countries.
Bosch said that an accord was reached last week with union representatives who had previously complained that their right to strike was being undermined by the government's imposition of its “own version” of minimum services . Bosch said that despite the general strike, he will be attending a government meeting, trying along with other leading Partido Politicians to give a proper account of the regional budget figures for 2013. He insisted that the Balearic government is “working as hard as it can” to approve the final budget figures. The minimum services which have been agreed are 35 percent of private transport services, whilst public inter-urban coach services are guaranteeing three return journeys for each line number. The Soller Railway will provide a 50% ser vice. Social Services will be staffed but as if it were a Sunday or public holiday but the public health service Ib-Salut will have its emergency services running at a 100 percent operational level.

Primary health care centres will remain open to provide essential assistance to patients and will need minimum staffing of two doctors, a paediatrician, two nurses and an administrator. The “PACs”, medical centres which are open 24 hours will have a Sunday service operating from 5.30pm onwards.

Bosch said there was no need to fix minimum inter-island ferry services as arrangements had already been made for essential air connections to remain running between Majorca, Ibiza and Minorca. But a full return service has been guaranteed between Ibiza and Formentera first thing in the morning on 14th November and last thing in the afternoon. Seven return services will be running on the Majorcan Railway Services between Palma-Inca-Manacor; 4 return journeys Palma-Inca-Sa Pobla; and 9 return journeys on the Palma Metro.