Palma.—The European Commission has come out in favour of the importation of solid waste from other European countries into Majorca for burning at the Son Reus incinerator in Bunyola.

In its report released yesterday, the Commission pointed out that the installations at Son Reus fall within European Union guidelines for renewable energy. Much of the waste which will be imported to Majorca for incineration will consist of “biomass” material which when burned, is converted to a source of energy.

The EC report said that this is preferable to having urban waste dumped in an ever-growing number of containers. It claimed that producing renewable energy is less damaging to the environment than, for example, landfill sites.

The Commission said that it was perfectly in order for European Member States to transport their solid waste to Majorca as long as it is carried out within already-established EU guidelines.

Concluding, the EC report said that the planned enlargement of the incinerator at Son Reus conforms with all European Union legislation and is therefore a perfectly legal project.

The news of the green light to the waste material importation came as a disappointment to environmental protection groups and the Balearic Socialists who had taken up the matter with the European Union, saying that the concept of increased incineration on Majorca ran contrary to EU guidelines for a cleaner atmosphere. Tourist businesses, particularly cruise liner companies have also expressed concern that the import of European waste in large container ships will damage the tourist image of Majorca.