Palma.—Members of the environmental protection group disguised as tourists wearing gas masks held a “sit-in” demonstration outside the Balearic Parliament yesterday, claiming that regional government plans to import waste from other parts of Europe and have it processed at the Son Reus incinerator in Bunyola was “nothing less than a fraud”.

Surrounded by bags filled with rubbish and a sunshade, five members of “GOB” blocked the access to the Parliament buildings for a few minutes timing their protest to coincide with a session which was to agree a permit for the Council of Majorca to allow the incinerator management company, Tirme, to process more waste from overseas.

GOB spokesperson, Margalida Ramis said that if the Europeanwaste incineration progamme was to go ahead, it will condemn the future of sustainability of Majorca and sideline the island as a tourist destination.

The ecologists said that burning European waste was a project from which only Tirme would benefit. Ramis pointed out that the company burnt waste at Son Reus and sold on any electricity generated in the process to the supply network to increase its own income. She said that it was deceitful of the government to claim that burning extra waste at Son Reus would mean less rubbish taxes for Balearic citizens.