Palma.—Figures were released yesterday by the National Institute for Statistics, a Central Government department. The same report showed that the downturn in the Balearics was not as great as the year-on-year decline suffered in September by the country as a whole which stood at minus 11.8 percent, 2.5% greater than the Islands.

However, employment in the Services sector also fell in the Balearics, by 3.6%. Only Asturias and Castilla y Leon (-3.7%); Extremadura (-4%); the Canary Islands and Valencia (-4.4%) experienced greater job losses. The Balearics was the region where the sixth highest job losses were registered in September this year compared to the same month in 2011.

The INE confirmed that at a national level, income for the Servic es sector has now returned to negative figures after a slight year-on-year upturn in August (+0.8%). Nationally, the report showed a year-on-year decline in employment last September of 3.3%, four decimal points lower than the job rate for August.

Employment in this sector has now undergone 16 months of consecutive downturn. During the first nine months of the year, income for the services sector fell by 4.9% in relation to the same period in 2011. September Service sector income fell by 3.8% compared to August.