Palma.—Palma City Transport Councillor Gabriel Vallejo confirmed yesterday that the number of resident parking spaces in the so-called “ORA” blue zone metred areas has risen from 14'851 to 15'574 but that the population that lives in these areas hasn't risen at a corresponding level.

Because of this incompatibility of the number of resident parking spaces with the rise in the level of population, it is suspected that there are people who don't actually live in the centre of the city but who register themselves with the City Council from the address of a relative who might have a permit to park in ORA-controlled areas for 24 euros a year. To bring a halt to the situation, Palma City Council is introducing measures to “fight against fraud” next year.

Vallejo also said that the period of time allowed for renewing the annual resident's parking space permit will start this coming Monday and end on 31st January. The Councillor said that the renewal process may have to be done in person if City Hall is aware of changes in documentation of the person entitled to hold the permit, if there has been a change of address, of vehicle, or if the parking space has been sealed off for any reason. Original (as opposed to photocopied) documentation will need to be presented at the offices of ORA in Avenida San Fernando in Palma.

If there are no changes, automatic renewal can be carried out at Sa Nostra, La Caixa and Banca March.