Palma.—The Director General of Spanish airport and air traffic control authority AENA, Jose Manuel Vargas Gomez, claimed yesterday that after the cuts to airport operating services over the past two years, Spanish airspace is no longer the most expensive to use in Europe.

In fact, he said that Spanish airspace is now one of the most competitive in Europe hence the rapid increase in the number of airlines flying in to Spain from all over the continent and further afield.

AENA has been heavily criticised for many years for applying some of the highest operating costs in Europe.
Ryanair once stated that unless AENA reduced its costs, it would not fly to Spain.
Now, Ryanair is the busiest carrier in Spain.
However, few airlines would agree that Spanish airspace is the cheapest with many asking for further reductions in airport operating costs during the summer and more incentives to fly to Spain, especially the main tourist destinations, during the winter season.

And, Gomez revealed that despite airspace apparently being cheaper and more competitive, national passenger figures fell by 4.2 percent this year but that was due to the 14.2 percent fall in domestic operations because of the recession.